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Shower Installation Made Easier with Our Unique Products

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Welcome to Mark E Industries, Inc.
GOOF PROOF SHOWER installations made easy.

Mark E Industries manufactures products to simplify the art of shower and tile installations by focusing on some of the more difficult and time-consuming tasks. Tools that will save the installer the valuable time and effort required to complete such tasks, without the problems that could occur by traditional methods or techniques.

Shower installations and a properly sloped shower pan is now easy, less time consuming, less costly and most importantly GOOF PROOF!

Our full line of products assist the professional contractor/assistant, re-modeler, proficient/novice do-it-yourselfer or anyone who’s looking for a simple and reliable way to create a tiled shower base of any size or shape with consistently perfect results every time!

A shower pan can be made water-tight by many different water proofing methods. All our ‘Original’ time-tested products such as Pre-Pitch™, Kirb-Perfect®, Quick-Pitch® or Handi-Kirb will correspond with all the liners currently on the market today including; Sheet membranes (i.e. our Goof Proof Sheet Membrane components, Noble Seal® TS, Schluter Kerdi®), Roll On liners (i.e. Red Gard®, Hydro Ban®,AquaDefense®), all 40 mil Vinyl pan liners, Chloraloy®, Lead and Copper pans, and even Hot Mop. With our tools you will gain the ability and confidence to construct any shower installation regardless of drain location, size, and shape or style (i.e. Square, Round or Linear drains).

Thank you for considering our products for your shower installation. We are confident that our extensive installation instruction library including; printed instructions included in every kit, full “Installation Videos” and “Estimator Worksheets” on the ‘Resource’ link at the top of our webpage, will comprehensively step anyone through the calculation of parts and products necessary for each liner system's installation requirements…even the amount of cement needed! Whether your shower installation is standard or a custom design, it has never been easier to make it GOOF PROOF!

If you prefer to shop a local dealer in your area or order online, our ‘Dealers’ link will direct you to a complete listing of all our suppliers. Feel free to contact us for any technical support needed and we will be happy to guide you through the process of your specific installation.