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Quick Pitch® is a revolutionary new product that will completely change the way in which a mortar bed is installed.

In order to install a proper shower floor, the base of the shower has to have a proper slope for drainage. With Quick Pitch® this is easily accomplishable.

The Quick Pitch® Float Stick System permits easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4" per 12" run. With this time-saving system there is now no chance for an error in measurement, or the need for a level, to achieve a properly sloped shower floor. The Quick Pitch® Float Stick System uses a Center Ring and tapered Float
Sticks to assure the correct drainage slope in standard or custom shower areas with walls up to 6' in any direction from the floor drain.

Custom Shower Floor Construction
The Quick Pitch® Float Stick System is available in component form for custom shower applications. The three components

  • QPCR-104 Quick Pitch® Center Ring
    (35/8" inside diameter x 1" high)
  • XFS-101-2 Quick Pitch® Standard Float Sticks
    (1" to 13/4" taper x 36" long)
  • EFS-103 Quick Pitch® Extended Float Sticks
    (13/4" to 21/2" taper x 36" long)

Standard Shower Floor Construction
The No. QPK-101 Quick Pitch® Standard Kit permits construction of standard 36" x 60" shower areas with a centered drain, or custom shower areas where the drain is within 36" of each wall. Included in each package is one each Center Ring and 6 each Standard Float Sticks (1" to 13/4" taper x 36" long) that attach in any of the 24 slots on the Center Ring.


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