I would like to send this letter to compliment your "Goof Proof Shower" systems. My wife and I decided that after 25 years it was time to remodel our bath. I had a limited knowledge of how to install a shower the proper way and no masonry experience at all. Before I started any work, I chose the internet as my source of information. I have a limited amount of construction experience where most projects were in my own home I do, however, demand the highest quality and only proven processes for a professional result. After searching You Tube, I found your "Pre Pitch" video which provided me with a great deal of information as well as the processes which I needed to finish with a professional looking result. At this stage, I watched the entire set of installation videos provided by You Tube for your Goof Proof Showers, and became very comfortable with the process which also gave me the confidence I needed to do the job the right way. I placed my order for the kit including the pan liner, extra curb and stringers for the Pre Pitch and Easy Pitch to suit my pan size. When the kit arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire video set enclosed on DVD which became our guide in the bathroom as we walked through each step watching a portable player. Taking our time, following each step gave our job the end results I would expect from a professional, and this was my first masonry project! Your product exceeded my high expectations! I would like to recommend the Goof Proof Shower system to everyone from the first time do-it-yourselfer, to the seasoned professional! Keep up the good work and I hope more people learn of this great product, I'm glad I did!
Thank you!

Just a comment. Now that I've become quite familiar with how your system works, it is truly elegant. The idea of putting mortar down in two phases, with the first phase pitched and waterproofed, then adding the second mortar phase, just appears to be a foolproof way to waterproof a shower installation. I don't know anything about how someone who is putting in a concrete shower floor without your method approaches it, whether it is done in phases or just one mortar bed is laid down. Regardless, the methodology in your system is so logical and helpful to novices like me that I'm looking forward to my haircut appointment next week to tell my barber -- who originally mentioned your system to me though is not overly familiar with how it works - the method behind your system. He will be putting his first shower in at some point and my guess is he will be excited about using this system.

Thanks for all your help.

Dear Mark E. Industries,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Recently our bathroom renovation almost became a nightmare when a simple tile remodeling job required ripping out the entire shower walls back to the studs and the flooring to the concrete slab foundation instead. My husband enjoyed the demolition work, but we were both very concerned about getting the shower membrane and flooring put back correctly so the new area wouldn't leak or puddle. We've done a lot of DIY jobs, but we'd never built a shower before!

Your online videos showed us the steps to rebuild, so we bought your boxed set containing the Pre-Pitch, Quick-Pitch and Kurb Perfect materials and went to work. We have just completed the remodeling. It looks great. After our first few showers, we find there is absolutely NO water remaining on the floor after just a couple of hours-not even a drop is left! It all drains perfectly to the center from the entire floor area (including the corners) thanks to your products helping us establish the pitch correctly.

Thank you VERY much for creating such great products and especially for the step-by-step construction videos so we could tackle this Do-It-Yourself job with more confidence! We will absolutely use them again in the future building of our log home and recommend them to others.

Kind regards,

Alison & David Weber
Seminole, Florida


I'm guessing your business is doing well, if your customer service is any reflection of how your business is run. 

I just wanted to take a moment out of my work day to tell you how much I appreciate your quick response time to both of my questions in the past two weeks.  First, answering my question regarding the pre-pitch and quick-pitch and then resolving the damaged shipment.  Yours is truly one of the few businesses I have dealt with on-line that "gets" what customer service is all about.

I will definitely use your product again and again and will recommend you to others.  Thanks for turning a potential nightmare scenario into a small blip on my project timetable.

All the Best,

Thank you for your prompt resolution to my predicament.  I have the part coming.

This is my first attempt at this kind of thing and I have found all of your products and online videos have been invaluable to my learning process. 

Thanks again,
Craig Brown


I got the part today. Thank you very much. I am going to pack the concrete this weekend. As an engineer, I have to tell you that your system is a joy to use. It is obvious that the design was well thought out and you didn't scrimp on the quality of the parts. It is so rare to find that combination these days.

I wish your business all the best -- Great idea and execution.


Hey Mark, Andy from Chicago.
I am a do it yourself who wanted a larger custom shower without paying the big buck for the plastic pans. There are many companies who will sell you their products but after much research, Mark E Industries made me feel confident installing their products building my mud shower pan. After viewing a few of the instructional videos, i was ready to follow the steps and now have completed my shower. This was my first time ever building a shower pan and Mark E made it easy with professional results. I will tell everyone i know how great the entire package of products used and video info that assisted me along the way. Thanks Mark E.

“I’ve been setting tile for over 6 years and the one thing I always struggled with is mudding shower floors. Now that I’ve found Quick-Pitch it’s not a problem any longer. I don’t know why somebody didn’t come up with this a long time ago.” Alex P. - Toledo, Ohio

“... I used your Pre-Pitch and I am very pleased with the results. Because your products are so fast and easy to work with, I was able to set the pre pitch, install the liner, mud in Quick-Pitch and Kirb-Perfect in record time.” Gordon C. - Tampa, Florida

“As a General Contractor I have torn out more than a few showers over the years. The reason I’ve seen most often for leaking shower stalls are nails through the lining material below the top of the dams and once water gets to wood, the shower is doomed. All my guys will use Kirb- Perfect from now on, it's fail safe.” Jack W. - Dallas, Texas

“In case you're interested .... I just completed a very difficult tile installation of a seashell shaped walk-in shower. Without a straight wall in it, I needed to somehow build a level starting course of ripped down 16” tiles. 23 flexible StringA- Levels got me in and back out on a continual level line. I can't think of a better way it could have been done it. Thanks for a great product!” George T. - Raleigh, NC

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